Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Waganowice


NoGenusSizeNet price
1.Actinidiap90,95 €
2.Birch treesPlugtrays0,65 €
3.Birch treesp90,80 €
4.Blackberryp90,75 €
5.Blue Honeysuckle/Haskapp90,85 €
6.Blue Honeysuckle/Haskap-canadian licensed varieties*p90,90 €+lic. 0,40 CAD
7.Blue Honeysuckle/Haskap-russian licensed varieties*p90,90 €+lic. 10 RUB
8.Blue Honeysuckle/Haskap-canadian licensed varieties Boreal Beast, Beauty, Blizzard*P90,90 €+lic. 0,50 CAD
9.Blue Honeysuckle/Haskap-russian licensed variety Sinij Utes*P90,90 €+lic. 20 RUB
10.Blueberry High-bush – licensed varieties*p91,70 €
11.Blueberry Medium and High-bushp90,95 €
12.Chokeberryp90,75 €
13.Cranberryp90,60 €
14.Lilacp90,85 €
15.Lingonberryp90,75 €
16.Mulberryp90,85 €
17.Narrow-leaved LavenderPlugtrays0,32 €
18.Narrow-leaved Lavenderp90,55 €
19.Raspberry - Bristol, Polanap90,70 €
20.Raspberry - Erika, Tadmorp91,00 € incl. lic.
21.Raspberry - Polish protected cultivarsp90,75 € incl. lic.
22.ServiceberryPlugtray0,90 €
23.Serviceberryp90,95 €
24.Sour Cherry treep90,90 €
25.Strawberry-Raspberryp90,75 €
26.Tayberryp90,75 €
* prices of protected and licensed varieties are not subject to discounts

(price reductions) are granted in the following cases:

  • 2% off the net price to customers who buy plants in our company for the consecutive season
  • 3% off the net price on one-time orders above 3,000 plants
  • 5% off the net price on one-time orders above 5,000 plants
  • 7% off the net price on one-time orders above 10,000 plants
  • 3% off the net price for cash payments

Please note that the above are net prices and 8% VAT should be added to them.

Orders are processed once the availability of plants has been confirmed and the shipment conditions agreed. The above offer is available while the stock lasts. A new offer may include plant price.

Orders should be placed directly with:

Gospodartswo Ogrodnicze Waganowice
Paulina Kusibab-Popowicz i Mirosław Popowicz S.C.
Waganowice 44a; 32-090 Słomniki
tel./fax: 48 (12) 442 60 50